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The company develops human bone tissue for implantation in patients with fractures in their bones or instability in spine. The product is tailored for a specific patient because it uses his own bone cells and blood components. This product is individualized for a patient and therefore is not rejected by the patients’ organism.

Presently our product is in the introductory state. We plan to establish the most efficient and safe method for generating bone in laboratory that should be customized for implantation for a
specific patient.

Our method for bone production in laboratory is unique, because it involves several components, which never have been combined before, i.e. self-human bone cells seeded on inorganic matrix, cultured in media containing self-blood serum and exposed to mechanical stimulation by vibration in a narrow range of optimal frequency and displacement parameters of the movement. 

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Sheltagen Medical LTD
POB 164, Atlit 3033595, Israel.
Tel: +972 (0) 54 4685130  Fax: +972 (0)48590930
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